Testimonials From a Few of our Valued Members

We value and appreciate all of our members and would especially like to thank those who have taken the time to express their thanks. We would like to share some of those kind words of thanks and appreciation we have received below, and hope that by doing so you will gain some insight into the type of treatment and results you can expect to receive as an Outer Limits Health Club member.

Gloria T

My mom passed away last year after a bout with cancer. She was only 62 at the time. I wish she would have pursued that dream and kept that healthy path she was on, I can’t help but think that she might still be with me today. I have decided to pick up where she left off and this morning I passed the NASM Certified Personal Trainer course and I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration, though it may have skipped a generation…know you have touched a life and brought about a healthy life.

George L

After more than 20 years at Outer Limits, I am still impressed by and appreciative of the attention given by the staff and the total ambience of the place.

Gene H

I have been a member of the Outer Limits Health Club for about 13 years, and it has turned my life around. When I first joined at the age of 50, I was a completely out of shape couch potato who had never participated in any sports or other health activities. With initial guidance from Chip, I have been doing both cardio and weight training for about 1 and ½ hours every couple of days, and it has changed my life. While minor exertion would have me huffing and puffing and lower back problems were common before, they are now things of the past. It’s a very friendly place and I was never made to feel inadequate for not being a muscle head. The rates are very reasonable and the crew keeps the place immaculately clean. I am now 63 years old and in the best shape of my life!

Dan and Elizabeth

Going to the Outer Limits Health Club enforces our workout routine, when we might otherwise skip. For us, working out in a group setting provides for better quality exercise. The staff at Outer Limits is friendly, helpful, and professional.

Bronna Z

The Outer Limits Health Club is more than a gym, it’s a community. I don’t just go there to exercise; I also go there because the other members and the staff are my friends.

Eric and Joan B

We were early members of Outer Limits and are currently the oldest living members. We go to Outer Limits three times a week. We have enjoyed the club atmosphere. It has been friendly but not overbearing. Nancy Alfaro’s presence will be missed. When asked, we have always been given helpful and good advice from management. We find the cleanliness and maintenance at Outer Limits is fine, but stretching areas are cramped at times. We look forward to continued membership and club camaraderie.

Marilyn M

I have been a member since the gym opened and have enjoyed seeing it morph into what it is today. I especially appreciate the hominess - it's not huge, glittery, or elitist. All are welcome. The staff have always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.